Pick of the Week: All of the Wonderful Things that the Henry Art Gallery Has

The Henry Art Gallery didn't need our help getting down with the youth - the Henry's been free for students forever. But the Henry still wanted to do something special for you guys, so they said: "Hey, bring your friends!" Teen Tix members can bring a guest of any age and get them in for five bucks ALL DAY, EVERY DAY that the Henry is open. How happy would your mom be if you told her you want to take her to a museum this weekend? Very happy. Go see this stuff:

Vortexhibition Polyphonica

The Henry is experimenting with a new way of exhibiting work in this fluid, constantly shifting exhibit: "Henry curators will select distinctive objects to act as conceptual 'hubs.' These anchoring works will establish topics around which a constellation of other objects will orbit." It's eclectic, weird, and unusual, but don't call it random.

The Gift Shop

Oh, it's so much more than a gift shop. “The Henry museum shop has been in deep hibernation since last year, an inaccessible space of institutional dreaming, a snoring lacuna in the museum’s lobby—but not for much longer. Beginning the last week in August this project will turn up the temperature, transforming the shop into a hot house, a catalyst, an incubator for Northwest artists. Exhibitions will fall like dominoes: a cascading cavalcade of adventurous, collaborative, celebratory artistic energy. How do artists work together? What can an art exhibition do? What is an audience? Who are you? What can we learn from each other? I hope you’ll join us.” -Matthew Offenbacher

Robert Mapplethorpe Polaroids

Before Robert Mapplethorpe was Robert Mapplethorpe, he took some polaroids of his friends. These are the pictures that, if he took them today, might have ended up on facebook. Instead, they sat in boxes for years until they were found and brought to light and hung on the walls of the Henry. Go look at them.

The Henry Art Gallery
11:00-9:00 Thursday, Friday
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Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
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