“True style: the fullest, boldest expression of a self” - Isabella Rossellini

Tomorrow night, Isabella Rossellini will stand on the stage at Benaroya Hall and talk about something. We really have no idea what, and we really don't care. We would stand in line to hear her read from the phone book.

Probably, she'll talk about her long, thrilling, strange career ("People always say to me that I do such strange films, but it's not that I'm looking for something so different necessarily, it's simply that I meet a person who strikes me as intelligent and interesting and I want to take a trip into their brain") as an actress, model, writer, and generally astonishingly creative person.

Or she'll talk about being the daughter of legendary actress Ingrid Bergman and film pioneer Roberto Rossellini. Or she'll talk about being married to Martin Scorcese and then engaged to David Lynch. Or she'll talk about being a dedicated trainer of Labrador puppies for the blind, or the fact that she is, at the age of 57, enrolled as an undergrad at NYU. She might talk about any of those things. Probably, she'll talk about being celebrated filmmaker Guy Maddin's "muse", and about her fantastically odd Sundance channel series about the reproductive habits of bugs and sea creatures, Green Porno.

We mentioned in the newsletter that there might not be Teen Tix tickets for this, but (happily) we were wrong. There should be plenty. So go. Go! Just go.

"As a storyteller, Isabella is at once an awestruck little girl and a regal beauty with a hair-trigger laugh and a taste for the Grand Guignol. She is frank, practical, perceptive, refreshingly morbid and always surprising.” —Guy Maddin

Isabella Rossellini
Wednesday, November 18th @ 7:30
Seattle Arts & Lectures @ Benaroya Hall
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