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The Talent Show @ Henry Art Gallery

Amie Siegel. My Way 1.

We are being watched. And we like it. Or do we? In our increasingly surveilled, digitally-documented world, there is a tension betwee the desire for privacy and the desire for fame (even short-lived, reality-TV-style "fame"). Talent Show examines this tension with works of art that exploit, in particular, images and video of people who didn't know they were being watched and recorded. This is art *of this exact moment in time* and it's fascinating, challenging, and voyeuristically fun. You'd be a fool to miss it.

The Talent Show
Henry Art Gallery

11:00-4:00 Wednesday
11:00-9:00 Thursday, Friday
11:00-4:00 Saturday, Sunday
Closed Monday + Tuesday
REMEMBER: The Henry Art Gallery is ALWAYS FREE for Teen Tix members, and you can ALWAYS bring a guest for $5.

Image: Chris Burden.
You’ll Never See My Face in Kansas City.

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