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Hamlet @ Seattle Shakespeare Company

Darragh Kennan is Hamlet

Recently overheard in the lobby of Seattle Shakespeare Company at the intermission of a preview of Hamlet:

YOUNG GUY #1. Dude, this is kind of long.
YOUNG GUY #2. Yeah. (Surprised) It's kind of good, though. That Hamlet guy is, like, GOOD.
YOUNG GUY #3. Yeah, he is. But why do they have to talk like that? I have no clue what they're saying.
YOUNG GUY #2. Yeah, but you kind of get what's going on anyway, right?
YOUNG GUY #1. Yeah, actually...you do. (Guy #2 nods in agreement.They go back in.)


If guys numbers 1, 2, and 3 can get into Hamlet, so you can you.

Because, here's the thing: plays live. They're not meant to be read off the page by one person sitting quietly in English class. They're meant to have breath and color and texture and bodies and sounds and (sometimes, if you're close enough) smells. If you're someone who's been forced to read plays in school and have therefore come to the conclusion that plays are boring death, we can't blame you. But before you write them off altogether, just do us this one favor, would you? See Hamlet. Because Hamlet actually kind of is really really good. There's actually a reason that people have been doing it over and over and over again for 400 years. And you should find that reason out. That is all.

Nope, one more thing: Darragh Kennan, who's playing Hamlet this time around, totally rocks. Okay, that's all.

Seattle Shakespeare Company
Through December 5
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