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Seattle International Film Festival

Film lovers, rejoice! It's that time of year again - when the sun finally breaks through the clouds and we all retreat into dark movie theatres to gobble up all of the indie-cinema (and popcorn) we can stomach. SIFF is one of the world's largest film festivals, and, with hundreds of films, there really is something for everyone. We recommend using SIFF's nifty SIFFter to sort through all the options.

Having trouble sorting through the mountain of options? Here are two films that our teen reviewers recommend:

Bilal's Standis about a "high school student (the director himself, Sultan Sharrief) growing up in the ghettos of Detroit, fighting to make it to college" even though his family wants him to take over running their taxi stand. Callan C calls it "a truly inspirational story about an underdog going above and beyond the expectations set for him by society." Read the whole review on the blog

French Kissersis a French film that "follows two teenage boys named Herve and Camel who are on a quest to quench their [ahem] thirst." Yvette J says "This is not your typical romantic comedy, but it has all of the heartache, high school type drama and happy ending that we are all familiar with and love." Read the whole review on the blog. (Note: contains sexual themes.)

Seattle International Film Festival
May 20 - June 13
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