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Reggie Watts & Tommy Smith Transition @ On the Boards

This guy:

plus this guy:

plus this guy:

plus this guy:

equals awesome.

Reggie Watts (that last guy above) is a local treasure. He calls himself a comedic performer, which we guess is the only box big enough to hold his plurality of talents. Transition will be theatre with music, with dancing, with story, with Teen Wolf, with Stevie Wonder, with "apocolyptic overtones". And it will be funny. And that's all we really know. Isn't that great? Isn't it fun sometimes not to know? Yes, it is. We'll be there tonight. Will you?

ONE WEEKEND ONLY: Thursday, Friday & Saturday October 15th - 17th
On the Boards

NOTE: contains coarse language. On the Boards' programming is best suited to mature audiences ages 16 and up.
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