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the break/s: a mixtape for the stage @ ACT Theatre

"Hip-hop renaissance man" Marc Bamuthi Joseph is an accomplished dancer, an award-winning poet and a passionate educator. His new play – the break/s: a mixtape for the stage – features Joseph's unique fusion of movement and theater; a powerhouse mixture of dance, sound, story, and visual imagery. With two turntables, a video jockey and Joseph's virtuosity, the break/s is an enthralling piece of performance magic. Drawing on interviews and documentary footage, this collaboration between performer, score and projected image explodes the boundaries of theater, dance and film and explores the conflicts between public identity and private identity in our globalized, multi-everything era. This powerhouse performance has sold out theatres and electrified audiences around the country – come experience it for yourself.

From David Schmader's preview in the Stranger:

Foremost among these "best parts": the titular breaks, those rhythmic interruptions/breakdowns/repetitions that have juiced hiphop since the beginning, co-opted by Joseph in his play's kaleidoscopic-mixtape structure, and the sense of community inherent in both hiphop and theater. "Hiphop sprung up in ritual community space around portable sound systems, where whoever had the loudest system is the one who rocked the party," says Joseph. "That's where hiphop was born, in peaceful communities around loud sound."

And here's a video preview:

Now through July 12th
More info and show times here.
ACT's Ticket Office: 206-292-7676

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