Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teen Tix? Teen Tix is a free arts-access pass that allows teenagers to purchase $5 tickets to theatre, dance, music, film and visual art.

Who can sign up for Teen Tix? Any teenager age 13-19 can sign up.

Do I need to live in Seattle in order to sign up? Nope. Anyone, from anywhere, can sign up and use the pass as long as they are 13-19 years old.

How much does it cost to sign up? Nothing! It’s free to sign up.

Where can I use my Teen Tix pass? You can use your Teen Tix pass at any of our Participating Organizations.

How do I use my Teen Tix pass? Teen Tix is a rush ticket program. You show up any time the box office is open on the day of the show that you want to see, and our participating organizations will sell you a ticket for $5. At our museum partners, just show up any time the museum is open and show your pass for $5 entry.

Can I make reservations? No. Teen Tix tickets are sold on a first come, first-served basis starting when the box office opens on the day of the show ONLY. You cannot reserve tickets. However, we do encourage you to call ahead and ask whether or not Teen Tix tickets are expected to be available for the show that you want to see.

Can I buy my ticket in advance? No. Teen Tix is a day-of rush ticket program. You can only purchase your ticket on the day of the show that you want to see. However, you can call ahead on the day of the show that you want to see and purchase your ticket over the phone at many of our participating organizations.

Can I buy my ticket over the phone? Many of our participating organization box offices will allow you to purchase a Teen Tix ticket over the phone on the day of the show that you want to see. You will still need to show your Teen Tix pass and ID when you pick it up. There are no over-the-phone sales at our museum partner organizations, nor at CD Forum, Cornish College of the Arts, Giant Magnet, Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, Pacific Science Center's IMAX & Laser Dome, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Spectrum Dance Theatre, or Seattle Symphony.

So, how can I be sure there will be tickets available? We can’t make any guarantees, but we can get pretty close. If you’re concerned that there won’t be tickets available for the show you want to see, the best thing to do is call the box office and ask. They usually have a very good idea about how many Teen Tix tickets will be available on any given night, and they’re more than happy to help. The phone number for each participating organization is listed on our website.

Can I buy more than one ticket? Yes! On Sundays (at our participating performing arts organizations) and on Thursdays (at our participating museums) Teen Tix members can purchase a second ticket for just $5! That means you can bring along anyone you like, including an adult or a child too young for Teen Tix, and buy them a $5 ticket, too!

How do I find out what’s playing? As a Teen Tix member, you will automatically be subscribed to our weekly email newsletter, which will tell you about all of the great stuff you can go see with your Teen Tix pass. Additionally, the Teen Tix website has event listings that are constantly updated. You can also check our participating organizations' websites to find out what’s going on. We also recommend checking this blog frequently for recommendations, interviews, and reviews by other teens.

Will you sell my information? No. Teen Tix will never share your email address, or any of your other information, with any outside group for any reason. However, as a public agency, Seattle Center is subject to and must comply with public disclosure requests.

I lost my pass, what do I do? If you lost pass (or never received one in the first place), please click here to fill out the lost pass form. It takes a few days, so don't wait until the day you want to go to the show! We'll email you a temporary pass, and get a new pass out to you within a week.

I just found out about Teen Tix, but I want to go see something TONIGHT. Help! Never fear! We've got you covered. Just go here and fill out the online registration form. Within a few minutes, you'll receive a confirmation email. OPEN IT! Respond to the confirmation, and, within a few minutes, you'll receive a second email that contains a temporary pass. Print out that pass and bring it with you to the box office just as you would a regular Teen Tix pass. Hooray!

I registered for Teen Tix but never received my pass. What’s up? If it’s been two weeks or less, your pass is probably on the way – there are only a few of us and so many of you, sometimes it takes us a little while, but it’s coming, we swear! If it’s been more than two weeks, it might have gotten lost in the mail. Email us with your name and address and we’ll get a new one out to you.

I registered for Teen Tix and received my pass, but I’ve never received the e-newsletters. What’s up? It sounds like we probably got the wrong email address for you when you signed up and your newsletters are bouncing back at us. Send us an email with your name and correct email address, and we’ll get you back on the distribution list. DO NOT re-register for Teen Tix!

Don’t you have to dress up to go to these places? No. You can dress up if you want to, and you’ll probably see some people who look pretty fancy when you go, but it’s not a requirement. In fact, one of the nicest things about the arts scene here in Seattle is that it’s pretty casual – it’s about enjoying the art, not being in a fashion show! So wear what you’re comfortable in…just keep your feet off the seats.

What’s the point of all this? The point is that art is valuable, and it’s for everyone. An arts-going community is a healthy community, and we think that means that everyone should have access to high quality arts programming, regardless of age.

Okay, how do I register? Go here and fill out the online form. In about two weeks, you’ll get your pass in the mail, and then you’ll be good to go.

My question still isn’t answered. What should I do? Give us a call or shoot us an email. The number here is 206-233-3959, and the email address is teentix at seattle dot gov.
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