ReachNow + TeenTix = New Transportation Options 4 U!

Transportation is just a tough nut to crack.

We know transportation is a BIG part of the equation when you're planning your arts-going with your TeenTix Pass, which is why we're ALWAYS looking for new ways you can see art safely and for not a lot of dough. We also know that not everyone's transportation options are the same - so we like to work with people who can help teens get around Seattle in all sorts of different ways.

We are STOKED that our friends at ReachNow want to help.

Have you heard of ReachNow? We love them because they're local, it's a care share AND ride service (your choice!), the cars are sweeeeet (BMW/Mini's!!!!) and some are electric (eco-friendly!!), pricing is by the minute, and PARKING IS FREE almost everywhere in-town. Check out all the deets and FAQ's below!

Teens 18 & 19 get $15 of FREE drive credits!!

That's basically to-and-from an arts show for FREE - now through SEP 7, 2017.

Check your email for your personalized code IF you are 18 or 19!!!! Or email us if you can't find it.


  1. Download the CAR SHARE app (even if you're gonna do the RIDE option - you gotta have both for it to work) and sign-up! Find it: App Store or Google Play
  2. If you'd rather ride and not drive - download the RIDE app and sign-up! Find it: App Store or Google Play (Heads up - RIDE doesn't work unless you've signed up for CARE SHARE - it's still in beta mode.)
  3. Use your personalized promo code in the CAR SHARE app for the discount! (The coupon will apply to both RIDE and CAR SHARE options.)

Help us test this out! Sign up NOW and email us with a THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN on this idea. The more we understand how you WANT to get around town, the more we can work on finding YOU safe and affordable transportation to see cool art.


What is ReachNow?
ReachNow is a car sharing service, owned by the BMW Group. Users can register for free via the ReachNow App, and once approved for membership, rent any of the 700 BMW or MINI ReachNow vehicles here in Seattle. The vehicles are free-floating and located on-street at meters and residential neighborhoods within the Home Area. Pricing is by the minute, and best thing: parking is totally free at meters and residential (RPZ) areas. More information on the ReachNow Website!

Additional benefits:
• ReachNow can be used for one-way trips. Simply pick-up and drop-off a vehicle on the street in your neighborhood.
• After initial drive credit has been used, member will pay $0.41 per minute while driving and $0.30 per minute while parked (for paused trips only).
• All vehicles in the fleet are priced the same.
• Ability to use membership in every city (including Brooklyn and Portland, OR)
• Parking is included at meters and residential zones within our Home Area in Seattle and Portland. Parking rules differ in Brooklyn.
• Fuel/charging and insurance costs included.
• No monthly or annual fees – initial sign-up is currently free!

Where is ReachNow’s Home Area?
• Seattle: Our Home Area covers all of the city of Seattle.
• Portland: The Home Area is centered in downtown Portland and spans north to Columbia Blvd out to the Portsmouth neighborhood, south to SE Woodstock Blvd including Sellwood, Moreland, South Portland to John’s Landing, east to 72nd Ave. and west to Goose Hollow/Montgomery Park.
• Brooklyn: The Home Area spans north to Greenpoint and Williamsburg, south to Sunset Park at 65th Street and east to include portions of Borough Park, Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy and Bushwick

What makes ReachNow unique?
• Nearly instant identity verification and access. Register, get approved and find a vehicle in just minutes.
• Drive a variety of vehicles depending on your needs or mood.
• Fuel efficient mixed fleet of both electric and combustion engine vehicles.
• SeaTac airport off-site parking.

How do I become a Member?
Simply download the ReachNow App on your iOS or Android device and register with your current driver’s license and credit card. Follow the simple instructions and you could be approved and driving within minutes.

What are the requirements for membership?
To become a ReachNow Member, you must have a valid U.S. driver’s license, acceptable driving record including no major violations (see membership agreement for details) and be at least 18 years old. A valid credit or debit card is required in order to make payments. Prepaid credit cards are not accepted.

Do I need a special ReachNow access card?
No, you can utilize the full service with just the App. You can take your first trip as soon as you are approved using the ReachNow App. After registration, you will be asked to enter your mailing address in order to receive a Member Key card for all future trips. This Member Key card functions as the car key – it will lock and unlock any available vehicle in our city-wide fleet and is valuable to have in cases when you phone may have poor cellular reception.

What if I want a Member Key card immediately?
Member Key cars are mailed after you take your first trip. If you need one sooner, please call Member Support at (844) 732-2466 to expedite the process. Please know you can use your app to open a vehicle after you successfully register.

How do I lock/unlock the vehicle before receiving the Member Key card in the mail?
You can unlock and lock the car using your ReachNow App. After registration, you can take one trip using the App to unlock/lock the vehicle. After your first trip, we require you to enter a mailing address.

What are the payment options?
A valid credit or debit card are required to be kept on file.

How can I change my personal account information?
You can update your personal account information via the App. Click ‘Profile’ on the left hand menu to change info like your address and password.

How do I update my Credit Card information?
You can update your credit card information via the App from the ‘Payment’ section on the left hand menu.

I have a prior violation on my license. Will I still be able to participate in ReachNow?
Possibly, depending the type, date of incident, quantity and severity of the violation. Please see Membership Criteria for more details or contact Member Support at (844) 732-2466 or

Is smoking permitted in the vehicle?
No. In the interest of other members, smoking is not permitted in the vehicle. If subsequent renters or our service personnel notify us that a car smells of smoke, we reserve the right to charge a minimum of $50 and a maximum of the actual cost of cleaning plus a $25 administrative fee per violation.

More information on the ReachNow Website!

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