#2017TeenyAwards: What To See & What To Do

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You know all about what to wear to the 2017 Teeny Awards - AND we hope you've got your Teeny Awards tickets (but if not, no worries, you can do that right here!), AND you've probably noticed that the doors open (@2:30 pm) a whole hour before the awards ceremony starts (@3:30 pm) on Sunday, September 24th.

Why's that?

So glad you asked!

HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO/EAT/SEE during the pre-show red carpet/cupcake hour!

WHAT TO DO @ THE 2017 Teeny Awards

That's right, we're filling the walls of The Vera Project with amazing (teen approved) art for you to enjoy. And you can get your snack on at the Snack Bar (sponsored by Pacific Northwest Ballet, thanks, PNB!). We've also got delicious cupcakes for you to nom. And last but not least RACHEL's GINGER BEER for when you get thirsty. YUM.

Now that you're feeling nice and full, what should you do next? How about getting your very own TeenTix temp tat? Or winning cool swag at the Seattle Symphony Swag Toss (hit the target, win the swag!)! You should also be sure to vote for your favorite arts organization! And take advantage of a REAL LIFE RED CARPET!! Get your photo taken on the red carpet or do it yourself at the Selfie Booth (sponsored by the Seattle Rep!). Feeling crafty? Make your very own buttons to take home or adorn your person!

All this awesomeness starts at 2:30.
And we haven't even told you about the Award Show yet!!

Come early, bring your friends, party.

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