Summer Interns in the TeenTix Office!!!

How many teens and young adults volunteer for TeenTix over the summer? SO MANY!!


Wouldn't you know it? Summer is a BUSY time for TeenTix - mainly because school isn't in session, so it's the best time for YOU to get out and enjoy all the arts and sunshine that our city has to offer! Which makes total sense. This city is amazing.

So, summer is like overdrive at TeenTix HQ - we're working away, making sure our calendar entries are up-to-date with all the most important information to make it as easy as possible for you to whip out your TeenTix pass around the clock until school starts up again. (Need a TeenTix Pass? Or maybe you lost it and need a replacement?)

Even though we don't magically get a bunch of summertime ca$h to pay new staff members to do all this extra work, we are #blessed with a group of SUPER AMAZING DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS that sign on to do a summer internship and who spend 10 - 30 hours a week here in the office - or put in significant volunteer time with TeenTix. Check out the folks below who help us make what we do even better - we TRULY couldn't do it without them!

Also a special shout-out to former TeenTix Members and New Guardians who come back to us on their breaks from college to help out - Elizabeth Van Flandern and Caroline Healey!

Wendy Zhen, Development Intern - helping us out with the 2017 Teeny Awards! Wendy was a TeenTix member at age 14 (when she relocated from China to Seattle), is now a TeenTix New Guard Leadership Board member, visual artist, flute player, and t-shirt designer.

Aliha Strange, Administrative Intern - helping around the office and keeping us caught up on the TeenTix Calendar! Aliha has been involved in theater since age 13, started using her TeenTix pass during high-school, and misses it now that she's aged out - she's currently in her senior year at Seattle Pacific University in Global Development Studies.

Essence Green, Outreach Intern - helping to design new ways to talk to teens in communities all over Seattle about TeenTix! Essence is a sophomore at Central Washington University with a double major in Criminal Justice and Communications, She's not a TeenTix-er herself, but her sister Ataliana just signed up for a pass and LOVES it! Essence is a dancer and performer - having done two plays with TeenTix partner organization Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.

Esmé DeCoster, Super Volunteer - helping with the Teeny Awards and the TeenTix Calendar! Esmé DeCoster is a senior at Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences and has been involved in the arts since age 5. She's a member of the TeenTix New Guard Leadership Board, loves using her TeenTix pass to see shows and events of all kinds, AND loves helping make art accessible to more teens!

Gaebriel Wilson, Super Volunteer - helping with the Teeny Awards design work and the TeenTix Calendar! Gaebriel attends Highline College and is a visual artist, graphic designer, musician (Bari Sax and Contra-Alto Clarinet) and of course, theatre tech. She's a TeenTix New Guard Leadership Board member and loves using her TeenTix pass at the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Symphony, and Jet City Improv.

Are you a teen looking for some way to help other teens get more access to arts here in Seattle? And/or do you just wanna hang out with some cool folks and experience arts leadership and administration at it's BEST & help TeenTix do our thing? Let's talk! Email us -

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