Rent Cast: Don’t take the bait. There is no su…

Rent Cast: Don't take the bait. There is no such thing as a musical theatre event on the scale of what you did with the equivalent choreography and character development anywhere in Seattle that is done in two weeks. Even if the deck is fully stacked with adult equity talent whom by the way would not have the time to rehearse 24/7 to pull such a show off in two weeks. Maybe in concert but that is it and that rarely involves kids. It's a non-starter.

This is nothing but smoke and bravado at play here. Likely many of you have worked with him/her before because the theatre community in this town is pretty tight. Do you know any 14-year-old that could have done a significantly better job in two weeks that you did? Thought not.

Be confident and happy with what you showcased. It was terrific. Bravo!
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