To the SCT Rent Cast: As a 20+ year theatre profes…

To the SCT Rent Cast: As a 20+ year theatre professional, including many Broadway shows, you have done an amazing job with Rent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. That said, the blog comments are actually giving you a great lesson in showbiz: You could be great, and you'll have harsh critics no matter how great you are. Just keep doing what you love, and work your butt off while having fun. Get your high from the positive comments, and learn from any mistakes to do even better next time.

To the 14 yr old theatre "pro" who's commenting from the peanut gallery: Fine, you added your perspective. But I truly hope you're getting similar feedback from any show you're in, since we all know your sh%*$t stinks just like anyone else. If you don't believe me, try it as a science experiment.
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