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Teen Steering Committee member Timothy C went to see Spectrum Dance Theatre's Farewell last night. This morning, he sent me an email with his thoughts on the show:

"Spectrum Dance Theater describes Farewell as a feverish, dreamlike theatrical meditation on America's relationship with China. The production is an interesting blend of dance and sound, with the auditory backdrop of news reports and articles about Tienanmen Square, 9/11, and the relationship between China and the United States. The performance, itself, was quite well done. The dancers are very talented, and the sounds were a unique blend of Chinese folk music and classical music. For this production, seats were brought onto the stage, adding to the contemplative mood with a more intimate environment. Being the rather down-to-earth type of person I am, I was trying for most of the performance to figure out what it all meant. In the brief Q&A session with Artistic Director Donald Byrd, though, he remarked that it doesn't matter what his ultimate goal is. What really matters is what you, the audience member, gets out the performance -- what feelings, emotions, and thoughts the performance evokes within you. There isn't supposed to be a nice, neat storyline to be understood, since real life doesn't give us nice, neat storylines with resolution. Since Farewell has certainly gotten me thinking, though, I would say it was thoroughly successful."

Farewell runs this weekend only (Friday & Saturday) at the Moore Theatre. For more info, go to

- Holly A.

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