SIFF Recommendations: Week 2

​May 23 - 29

Desert Runners
Screenings: May 23 and 24
In Desert Runners a group of amateur runners all decide to attempt the same feat and complete all four of the major desert runs on the planet in one year. These races are in some of the windiest, driest, hottest and coldest places on earth and are hundreds of kilometers, but hey, marathons were getting pretty cliche. Whether or not you’re a runner, these absurd and sometimes desperate journeys will bewilder and fascinate you.
- Emily H.

Standing Aside, Watching
Screenings: May 23 and 25
Protagonist Antigone refuses to do what the title of this film suggests when she returns to her hometown and finds it violently controlled by a group of thugs. Domestic violence, bribes, threats, and crime cover-ups don’t sit well with Antigone, but she’s the only one willing to do something about it. Paired with expertly framed landscape and architecture shots, Antigone’s tale makes Standing Aside, Watching, a surprisingly quiet, yet heart-racing thriller.
- Kali S.

Love and Lemons
Screenings: May 23, 25, and 29
Fired from her waitressing job and dumped by her sleazy musician boyfriend, Agnes endeavors to revamp her life with the opening of her own restaurant. But she doesn’t count on having to secretly woo a food critic to make the restaurant a success. Unsurprisingly, shenanigans ensue, and the ingredients needed to succeed must be tweaked. Love and Lemons features plenty of food, fun, and, ultimately, romance. It gets the romantic comedy recipe just right.
- Kali S.

Night Moves
Screenings: May 23 and 26
In case you ever thought eco-terrorism was a good idea, this film will reassure you it’s not. Night Moves is an on-the-edge-of-your seat suspenseful portrayal of radical environmentalists who blow up a damn. Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning, this film is a dramatic visualization of ethical dilemmas. With time, the consequences of the environmentalists’ actions become clear, but the beautiful scenery of rural Oregon make their reality behind their intentions all the more evident.
- Kali S.

Seattle International Film Festival
May 16 - June 8

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