Member Survey: Results!

​The results of our annual member survey!

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Hi! I'm Holly and I run TeenTix. Every year, we do an annual member survey to learn more about how our members are using TeenTix and engaging with the arts, and to find out how we can do better. This year, 505 TeenTix members took the survey. Here are some of the results. Tomorrow, I will respond to some questions and comments that came up in the survey responses. Enjoy! And thank you for being a part of the TeenTix community.

68% of TeenTix members say they attend the arts "more" or "a lot more" often than they did before joining TeenTix.

Question: How did you first hear about TeenTix?

Response: The vast majority of TeenTix members heard about TeenTix through a friend, with parents running a distant second place. Go friends!

Question: In the past 12 months, about how many times have you attended an arts event? (Include all events, not just ones where you used your TeenTix pass)

Response: Most TeenTix members attend the arts about once every other month. Not too shabby!

Question: Of the times that you've attended an arts event in the past 12 months, how often have you used your TeenTix pass to buy a $5.00 ticket?

Response: Only about 32% of TeenTix members say they use their TeenTix pass "Always" or "Usually" when they attend arts events. Hmmmm. Interesting! So, how ARE they buying their tickets? Read on!

Question: When you DON'T use your TeenTix pass, do you usually...


42% of TeenTix members say they usually buy an advance ticket at the student/youth rate or full price if no student/youth rate is available.

Another 41% say they usually attend with a parent or other adult who purchases full price tickets for both of them.

Question: How do you usually find out what you can see with your TeenTix pass?

Response: The biggest chunk of TeenTix users still get most of their information from the handy dandy TeenTix e-newsletter, though the online calendar on is getting much more action than in past years.

Question: Have you ever used your TeenTix pass to attend an arts venue that you had never been to before?


60% of TeenTix members say, YES, they have used their TeenTix pass to attend an arts venue they had never been to before! Another 40% say that they have used TeenTix to try out an art form they had never tried before. Hooray for new things!

Question: Have you ever had a problem using your Teen Tix pass?

Response: 82% of members report that they have never had a problem using their pass. Of those who answered that they had had a problem, the most common problem was being turned away for forgetting to bring their TeenTix pass or ID.

Question: Would you say that TeenTix is your primary source of information about what arts events are happening in the Seattle area?

Response: 60% say "yes," TeenTix is their primary source of arts information. Those who said "no" get their information from friends, from the websites of arts organizations, from their parents, or from facebook, in that order.

73% of members said they wish TeenTix had an app. Okay! We hear you!

Question: What prevents you from using your pass more often than you already do?

Response: The three top responses were "Not enough free time," "Nobody to go with," and, essentially tied for third, "Venues that I like don't take TeenTix," and "Venues are too far away from where I live".

Question: Imagine you are in charge of programming at a major theatre, dance company, opera house, symphony hall, film center, or museum. Which of the following ideas would you implement to make your space more teen-friendly? (Choose the THREE that you think would be the most important changes to make.)

Top five responses

1. More chances to meet and interact with artists (51%)

2. More social experiences around the art (pre-show parties, post-show DJ nights, etc.) (45%)

3. Teens-only nights (40%

4. More hands-on art-making around/alongside art watching (29%)

5. More art with teen/young adult characters and/or subject matter (26%)

The least popular responses were:

  • Allowing photography (12%)
  • Allowing people to get up and move around (8%)
  • Allowing texting or tweeting (3%)
  • Shorter shows (2%)


"More availability to cheap food and comfy furniture"
"Teen-run programs"
"Teens want the same experience as everyone else, don't change it."

Question: Have YOU PERSONALLY ever had another audience member at an arts event make you feel unwelcome or like you didn't belong?

Response: 78% say "no".


"I'm not sure if the stares I get from older adults/elderly people while attending opera/ballet/symphony performances express unfriendliness, admiration, or plain-ol' curiosity."

"They looked at us like we did not belong. Haven't returned to shows there since. Not worth it. The PNB crowd is always amazing."

"At the SAM the some of the security guards were really nice. They talked about the exhibit with me, and it made my experience there that much better."

"I feel like if i go with a group of friends its like being a baby on the plane 'please dont sit next to me...on no they are sitting next to me. My time is ruined'"

Question: In your opinion, what are the top three things that most discourage teenagers from attending the arts? (You can answer for yourself, or think about your friends who don't attend.)

Top 5 responses:

1. Perception that art is boring (52%)

tied with:

1. Simple logistics: don't have transportation, venues are too far away, etc. (52%)

2. Lack of friends who share interest in art. (46%)

3. Lack of knowledge about what's playing. (33%)

4. Perception that arts-going is too expensive. (31%)

5. Perception that art is mainly for and about adults. (27%)


"It seems like a lot of the time these events feature adults' work, and are mostly experienced by adults, so it's hard to find a place in it all as a self-concious teenager."

"Lack of time! (I, and most of my friends, have so much homework that weeknights aren't an option and weekends are busy with extra-curriculars and jobs)"

"I think a lot of people don't understand the value of seeing art live, especially when technology is such an overwhelming aspect of society."

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