Sit Up Front. Just Do It.

Review of An Evening With Groucho at ACT Theatre

An Evening With Groucho is just plain out a fantastic show. Filled with fast-paced and unbelievable humor, this show is DEFINITELY worth seeing. Frank Ferrante {fair-aunt-ay} does an excellent portrayal of Groucho Marx, exciting and captivating the audience from the start.

There are just so many good things to point out, I honestly don't know where to begin, but I suppose I'll just take it from when I entered the auditorium {which isn't really an auditorium, it's set up more like an old dinner and show club, which I will say was very cozy and intimate.} There is a very nice set, and then the pianist for the show is extremely talented {and has his own part in the show, doing a good job there, too.} But Ferrante's act is very funny, and he's very interactive with the audience {My advice: make sure to sit up front. Just do it.} Not to mention his very good singing voice for the songs of the Marx Brother movies, but for those of you who are not big Marx Brothers fans, don't worry. This show is not heavily Marx Brother oriented. Just like Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, for instance, it is just plain old, solid entertainment for anyone.

So, I say that you should go see this while it's still available, because I honestly believe that this one of the best shows that you will ever see at the ACT, and is definitely worth your money.

An Evening With Groucho
ACT Theatre
Through May 20

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