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Teen Editorial Staff Summer 2024 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Kyle Gerstel and Anna Melomed

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It’s been a pleasure curating the events for the newsroom this year. One thing we zoomed in on was finding events from underrepresented venues and artists to push our writers into the deep zone of art critique. Although you’re guaranteed a good time at big venues such as 5th Ave., or MoPOP, branching out to explore smaller events deepens our knowledge of the arts and their impacts. Especially for teens, gaining familiarity with the corners of the arts scene in Seattle can take a rabbit hole of research and bravery. Good art is important in a community, but learning to unravel details transforms its impact. We hope you find time this summer to explore the niches of the Seattle arts scene.

Earshot Jazz has an enormous calendar of daily jazz events around Seattle. From cafes to fancy hotels, they’ve got a wide variety of performers that won’t disappoint. If you’re looking to deepen your jazz taste or try something new this is your jackpot.

Taproot Theater unveils its musical version of “The Sister Act” from July 10th to August 10th. This comedy/crime musical highlights the story of a lounge singer turned nun, whose hilarious and heartwarming journey is timeless. This is the perfect event for anyone interested in ex

Benaroya Hall turns into a movie theater as the Seattle Symphony holds its summer tradition of live-music movies. The symphony performs the film soundtracks of everyone's favorites like Harry Potter, or even National Geographic wildlife documentaries. This is the perfect opportunity to learn in-person about the intricacies of music in movies and appreciate the talent of the musicians of the Seattle Symphony.

More events or venues recommended:

We also wanted to celebrate some of the incredibly strong programming from our TeenTix partners this year. Here are a few highlights from our partner theaters this season:

The Lehman Trilogy at ACT Contemporary Theatre was a truly stunning exploration of the Lehman Brothers’ history as a microcosm of the evolving U.S. culture. Never challenging to watch despite its three-and-a-half-hour runtime, Lehman is a testament to the power of ACT’s artistry and live theater.

The Fantasticks at Village Theatre captured the gorgeous cynicism of the musical theater classic. The script is poetic, playful, funny, and thoughtful, and Village’s production flirted with the disturbing while grounding the show firmly in its humanity.

In ArtsWest’s unassuming thrust stage, the 2023 Pulitzer winner English captured audiences’ hearts and minds. The play, co-produced by Seda Iranian Theatre Ensemble, showcases ArtsWest’s commitment to supporting a diverse range of local artists while providing Seattle audiences the opportunity to experience critically acclaimed works.

These three plays, varying in theme, tone, plot, and structure, captured the key to getting teens excited about art: offering accessible, top-notch experiences that exist in conversation with the things we care about at this moment. We look forward to reviewing and experiencing another year of our partners’ amazing work.

Lead Photo: Dylan Mullins on Unsplash

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