Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows

You've heard this song. It's been spreading its treacly power through the cultural zeitgeist since a 21 year-old Marvin Hamlisch wrote it and Lesley Gore recorded it in 1965. We trolled YouTube for a few examples:

Mary Radioactive from the Simpsons (this song was actually featured in the Simpsons episode Marge on the Lam, but YouTube didn't show us the love on that one. So here's this weird little thing.)

A little something for the the Losties in the audience:

And, finally, Miss Gore herself, on a bus, singing (and, apparently, hypnotizing that man in the brown jacket. Also, holy yellow sweater!)

Meet Marvin Hamlisch at Teen Night at Seattle Symphony, Friday, June 4th. More info here

Teen Night at Seattle Symphony with Marvin Hamlisch
Friday, June 4th
7:00: Pre-show meet & greet with Marvin Hamlisch (first 50 ticket buyers)
7:15:Schmoozing and cupcaking (for all!) featuring winners of the 2010 Essentially Ellington Outstanding Soloist Award, hailing from the celebrated Garfield, Roosevelt and Edmond Woodward High School jazz bands
8:00:The Music Man in 60 Minutes
Call 206.215.4818 RIGHT NOW and mention Teen Tix to buy your $5 advance ticket and secure your spot in the Hamlisch reception.

Questions? We're here for ya. Email or call us at 206-233-3959.
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