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Survey Winner: Congratulations, Ariana S.!

Ariana was the winner of our Fall Survey contest to win a $50 gift card! Thank you to everyone who participated, your results will help us improve our program and make the arts more accessible to YOU.

"Since I joined Teen Tix about a year and a half ago, my whole view on the arts has taken a complete turn-around. Before, I had assumed that going to operas, plays, and ballets, for example, were only for pompous middle-aged people who have been active participants in the arts their entire lives, the opposite of myself. However, I quickly found out that that's not the case. I finally went to an opera at McCaw Hall over a year ago, and I absolutely loved it; everything about the experience amazed me. Shortly after that, I went to another opera, and another. I had finally experienced the sort of art form that many people never get to enjoy even once in their life.

Now, I pride myself in discovering Teen Tix because it has exposed me to the truth about the arts, even though I've only been to operas and ballets. In all reality, the arts are not only for those who have had a rich background in music or theater or painting - anyone can appreciate and experience them firsthand without criticism and have the best time of their lives! I am so grateful to have discovered the Teen Tix program, and I will be absolutely devastated the day I become too old to use its great advantages. Thank you so much, Teen Tix!"

-Ariana S.

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