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A big heartfelt thank you from TeenTix

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Hi, TeenTix fam!

We’re so grateful to you for supporting our work! Together, we’re able to continue elevating and amplifying teen voices and breaking down barriers that keep young people from participating in arts and culture.

Thank you for showing up for TeenTix by donating, sharing the work we do with your families, friends, and neighbors, and for all the other ways you lift us up throughout the year. 💖💖💖

To show our appreciation, we’re giving you the gift of original artwork created by Esha P., a member of the 2020 M-TAC (Mentorship for Teen Artists of Color) cohort and current Teen Editorial Staff member, that you can use as a Zoom background or screensaver, or print out and hang on your wall to inspire you throughout the day.

📎 Click here to download a square size.

📎 Click here to download a banner size.

“Very few flyers or graphics stand out to me: some are too dull in color, some are too bland in the shapes they employ. But an organization like TeenTix deserves to stand out, so I set out with the intent to create a vibrant flyer that would instantly invoke joy in the viewer. The result is this graphic: one depicting a band of youth of color as they excitedly explore the world, suspended in the clouds. Like the magical car that the teens fly in, TeenTix is a vehicle for youth to go to events and receive opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible and unattainable (I speak from personal experience). The impact TeenTix has on the lives of numerous youth can only be attributed to the community who makes it possible, so I portrayed one particularly energetic teen splaying their arms out in a gesture of gratitude. Each heart drawn into this graphic represents a friend I've made in this community, especially those who continue to inspire me with their commitment to arts equity. Thanks, TeenTix, for opening doors in the arts for me!” - Esha P.

🌸 THANK YOU 🌸, Esha, for your beautiful words and artwork - and 🌼THANK YOU 🌼, TeenTix fam, for your love and support.


Team TeenTix

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