TeenTix Stands with Black Lives – But Standing is Not Enough

It is never the responsibility of the oppressed, to educate the oppressor.

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Institutional racism and police brutality have disproportionately impacted the Black community for far too long, and we at TeenTix would like to offer the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery our deepest condolences. We would also like to acknowledge that their deaths are merely the tip of the iceberg in an institutional pattern of unarmed Black people dying at the hands of police.

TeenTix is an anti-racist organization that is actively working to identify, name, and correct institutionalized racism and constructs of white supremacy within our own organization, and to help our partnered arts and culture organizations do the same. Our programs work to uplift marginalized voices in arts leadership and arts journalism, and to increase access to art.

We encourage TeenTix-ers and our Partner organizations to think critically about how they can play their part in the fight for racial justice; not just this week, but every day moving forward.



  • Have the difficult conversations with your friends and family. If it makes you uncomfortable just talking about it, imagine how it feels to experience it.
  • Use your voice. Speak up when you witness instances of racism and police brutality. Let it be known that you will not tolerate the mistreatment of Black people and other POC.
  • De-center yourself. As an ally, this is not about you. Listen to and amplify Black voices on social media. Follow their lead.
  • Sign petitions.
  • Text or call to demand justice.


    While we continue to educate ourselves, it is important that we remember to never put the burden of that work on the shoulders of the Black community. It is never the responsibility of the oppressed, to educate the oppressor.

    Here are some resources we've compiled, from TeenTix Staff and our Parnter Organizations:

    "A Timeline of Events that Led to the 2020 'Fed-Up'-rising" via The Root

    "George Floyd’s Murder Shows Once More That We Cannot Wait For White America to End Racism” via TIME Magazine

    "Why is this happening?" An Introduction to Police Brutality from 100 Year Hoody.

    "Why Does Freedom Have to Come with Layers?" Black queer residents speak out about identity in Seattle

    "The Police Report to Me, But I knew I couldn't Protect My Son" By Keisha Lance Bottoms, Mayor of Atlanta.

    "How the Supreme Court Lets Cops Get Away With Murder" via The New York Times

    "7 Ways You Can Step Up For Racial Justice Right Now" via Global Citizen


    TeenTix intends to foster a community whose diverse civic leaders value, support, and participate in a thriving arts sector. We also believe that genuine diversity requires early access, and for that reason, progress cannot wait.

    We will be thinking critically about changes we can make to our outreach, programming, and fundraising to identify and correct any examples of systemic racism that are present. Systemic racism is often the result of decades old practices, that whether intentional or not, must be addressed.

    While TeenTix staff will be leading the charge; as always, it is crucial to us that teens remain centered in our work. We’ll be working with teen arts leaders to assess the actions that TeenTix and other arts organizations can be taking to rid the arts world of the oppression that exists. Teens are the future, so it is crucial that their voices are not just heard, but included in these conversations.

    With love and solidarity, TeenTix

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