Thank YOU for GivingBIG to TeenTix!

A post GiveBIG love letter to the TeenTix community:

Thanks for participating and donating to TeenTix all day long on May 9, 2018.
Thanks for reading all the emails and social media. We know they're pretty silly.
Thanks for helping us raise over $20,927!
Thanks for loving art. ⭐️
Thanks for helping teens. ⭐️⭐️
Thanks for helping teens love art. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thanks for making our dreams of a bigger and better TeenTix come true.

See the list below for all the SUPERSTAR GiveBIG donors, and a SUPER special shout out to all of our matching donors.

Our love for you is out of this world,

Team TeenTix
Monique, Caroline, Leah, Mariko, and Tia

P.S. Oops, did you #forget? No SWEAT - you can still donate HERE.


These super generous folks went the extra mile and DOUBLED your donations up to $12,000 this year. WOWZA. We truly couldn't have done it without them.



Ariel Glassman - matched!
Karen Bystrom x2- matched!
Michael Dyen - matched!
Katherine Draves - triple matched!
Laurie Utterback - matched!
Sarah Gulian - matched!
Hana Peoples - triple matched!
Colleen Borst - matched!
Erica Reich - matched!
Tucker Cholvin - triple matched - in honor of Holly Arsenault!
Liz Dawson - matched!
Ames Hwang - matched!
Julia Collins - matched!
Kairu Yao - matched!
Alex Chase - matched!
Betsey Brock - matched!
Caroline Renard Adamyk - matched!
Linda Sewell - matched!
Martha Draves - matched!
Martha Draves - matched!
Matthew Echert - matched!
Nancy Chang - matched - in honor of Monique Courcy!
Patrick Lennon - matched!
Leslie Reisfeld - matched!
Darian Lindle - matched!
Karen Matson - matched!
Monique Courcy - matched!
Joceline Hitchcox-Lain - matched!
Michael Shilling - matched!
Barbara Nielsen - matched- in honor of Ashraf Hasham
Laura Widdice - matched!
Holly Arsenault and Matthew Richter - matched!
Stephanie Shafer - matched!
Ben McCarthy - matched!
Robin Forman - matched!
Tina Mertz - matched!
Mary Batterson - matched!
JeeYoung Dobbs - matched!
Dan Hudson - matched!
Kendra Courcy - matched!
Ms. Beth Weisberger - matched - in honor of TEENS OF PNW!
Laura Valiente - matched!
Kate Rogers & Tom Clark - matched!
Gregory Barnes - matched!
Caroline Rensel - matched!
Monica Nagashima - matched!
Shaya Lyon - matched!
Pollyanna Manning - matched - in honor of Monique Courcy
Page Dunlap - matched!
Jeremy Behrens - matched!
Sally Snyder Brunette - matched!
Andre Gougisha - matched!
Katy Hannigan - matched!
Dan Suiter and Emily Sprong Suiter - matched!
Luke Guyot - matched!
Nicki Sadow-Hasenberg - matched!
Natalie Nunes - matched!
Suzanne Cohen- matched!
Kyle Seago - matched!
Karen Dahl - matched!
Leah Fishbaugh - matched!
Doreen Sayegh - matched!
Ms. Maryanne deGoede - matched - in honor of Doey and Bill
Emily Guillen - matched!
Rachel Woolsey - matched!
John Sutton - matched!
Juliet Pruzan - matched!
Hannah Wiley - matched!
Jessica Massart - matched!
Rachel Andres - triple matched!
Seattle Music Partners - matched!
Bonnie Steele - matched!
Jennifer Daves - matched!
L.B. and Alycia Delmorse - matched!
Chris Force - matched!
Braine Ohana - triple matched!
Keith Yedlin - triple matched!
Nikola Litven - triple matched!
Ross and Kimberly Klein - triple matched!
Ella Mahler - triple matched!
Stephanie Bayne & Thorsten Ganz - triple matched!
Kara Moss - triple matched!
Amy Stagno - triple matched - in honor of Erica Hudson-Gomez
Heather Tensen - triple matched!
Bobbin Ramsey - triple matched!
Alexander Banbury - quadruple matched!
The Hudson/Van Loo Family - triple matched!
Dana Peregine - triple matched!
Eric Bottom - matched!
Ken & Jennifer Easley - matched!
Kelly Kempt - matched!
Jennifer Roth - matched!
Becky Wittmer - matched!
Jessica Keteyian - matched!
Heidi and Dave Walters - matched!
Kelsey Von Stubbe - matched!
Hattie Claire Andres - triple matched!
Kevin and Crystal Dorsey - matched!
Kris Becker - matched!
Pinky Estell - matched!
Kathryn Mortensen - matched!
Cassandra Meier - matched!
Katarina Shih -triple matched!
Kyna Shilling - matched!
Sara Edwards - matched!
Mariko Nagashima and Kyle Smith - matched!
Michael Ziegenhagel - matched!
Tom Fraser - matched!
Abigail Gross- matched!
Jorji and Jason Knickrehm Rich X2!!- matched!
Celia Thomas - triple matched!
Heather Appell - triple matched!
Jeff and Katie Chapman - triple matched!
Tarah Durnbaugh - triple matched!
Joanna Power - triple matched!
Sarah Wilke - triple matched!
John Merner -matched!
Shaina Andres - triple matched!
Ashraf Hasham - matched!
Lindsay Hastings - matched!
Oriana Quackenbush - matched - in honor of Holly Arsenault
Elizabeth Van Flandern - matched!
Elana Monroe - matched - in honor of Megan Caitlin and Sarah Monroe Massong
Mrs. Kim Herzog - matched!
Linda Bentler - matched!
Alexandra Harding - matched!
Rita Van Doren - matched!
Daniel & Lori Gicklhorn - matched!
Christine & Dale Bateman - matched!
Jimmy Hendrix - matched!
Emmet Nixon - matched!
Barak Gaster - matched!
Jayme Yen - matched!
Elaine Tsai & Peter Chuang - matched!
Annick Garcia Rooney - matched!
Patricia Britton - matched!
Erin Chan - matched!
Sharon McNamara - matched- in honor of the Andres Sisters
Eric Gomez - matched!
Eister-Hargrave Family - matched!
Joyce Liao - matched!
Jennifer Russel - matched!
John Bradshaw- matched!
Anonymous x5 - matched!

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