The Illusion of Morality

Review of Tartuffe at Taproot Theatre by Jennie K.

Solomon Davis, Don Brady, and Frank Lawler in Tartuffe at Taproot Theatre
Photo by Matthew Lawrence

Tartuffe explores the illusion of morality and dangers of blind faith. Orgon, the head of his family, accepts Tartuffe, a vagrant, into his home, deceived by Tartuffe's pious façade. The rest of the family detest him and contrive of many plans to unveil his mask.

The actors in this production are effective in their presentation and Taproot Theatre’s rendition of Tartuffe is very enjoyable. At the performance I attended, the audience was engulfed in laughter for a large portion of the play, as the actors’ facial expressions, delivery, and actions were fitting for every scene. Mark Lund's set is slightly bland, but Sarah Burch Gordon's costumes transport viewers to a different time period.

A delightful play shown in a cozy theater with excellent ambience, this rendition of Tartuffe is laugh-out-loud funny and easily guides the audience to understand the satire.

Taproot Theatre
Through March 3

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