Theatre about teenagers. Yes?

Our friends at the Seattle Repertory Theatre, under the leadership of new Artistic Director Jerry Manning, have launched the YES Initiative. Here's what they say about it:

"The YES Project's primary purpose is to work with writers (especially young ones) to find and develop works for our stages that will resonate with young audience members."

The theory, basically, is that if you put young protagonists on stage, young people will be more likely to come.

Trick Danneker, Erin Stewart, and Justin Huertes play high school students in Seattle Rep's 2010 production of Speech & Debate. Photo by Kathryn Bernard.

Oh, hey, guess what? YOU are the young people. YOU. You you you. You, Teen Tix member reading this. You are the target of this initiative. They want YOU.

So, you, what do you think? A lot of you are avid theatre-goers, a lot of you are sometime theatre-goers. A lot of you like other art forms but avoid the theatre. Whatever category you fall into, we want to know: do you wish there were more stories about people your age in the theatre? Are you tired of trying to get excited about seeing middle-aged people's marriage problems on stage? What if the theatre that's supposed to be FOR you was also ABOUT you? Would it make a difference? Or does it not matter to you?

This is your moment, young theatre-goers of Seattle. What do you want? Comment and take the poll (up at the top of the page!)
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