This is a lame title for our first intern blog post

I have discovered that there is actually a behind the scenes of Teen Tix... actual real-life, awesome people who do a lot of work to keep Teen Tix running. Real humans blog, tweet, facebook, and do some crazy hard work all in the name of $5 tickets.

Kind of shocking, I know.

Anyway, now there's an actual teenager working at Teen Tix... and that teenager is me. I'm Mykaila, and I'm interning (read: slaving away for free) for Teen Tix. Why? On the long list of things I adore, Teen Tix is near the top. Its neighbors are summer, really nice ballpoint pens, kickball, and free speech. Because of Teen Tix’s extremely high level of magnificence, I look forward to coming in on Wednesdays to slave away –uh, intern. Every Wednesday this summer, you can expect to see a post from me detailing the electrifying adventure of being Teen Tix’s teenage intern.

I have been asked to also describe what I'm up to. I've been creating an archive of this blog. Basically, I go back to past blog posts and copy and paste each individual post into its own document (thrilling, right?). The goal is to have every single post in teen tix blog history on paper (you know, in case the internet goes out of style). So far, I've seen every teen tix blog post from February 2007 until August 2009 (and there's a few hours left in my day). I have made a list of my TOP 5 FAVORITE BLOG POST TITLES IN TEEN TIX HISTORY:

Flawlessness=afros, Smart Cars, and German rap (May 2008)
What do Britney Spears songs have in common with Medieval Muslim Spain poets? (June 2009)
(Nobody ever found out... the event was cancelled. Does anybody else want to know this as badly as I do? Does anybody know the answer?)
A Powerhouse Meme of Slavic Theme (November 09)
OMGOTB (September 09)
(Must be paired with its opening lines: "Seriously? This is not a lame attempt to pander to you via ham-fisted teen lingo throwdown. (That's what we usually do, it's just not what we're doing right now.) This is an earnest, mature, sober, adult expression of enthusiasm of the unrestrainable variety: ZOMG we got OtB!!!!!!!!!")
knee-slapping-laugh-so-hard-your-belly-hurts-jolly-old-fun-old-bean stuff (October 09)

That’s all I have to say for this week. Questions? Concerns? Alarms? Outbreaks of honesty?

Until next week… make like the teen tix blog, and keep it real.

- Mykaila
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