This Is Not Art

I've just spent a most enjoyable half-hour listening to the boys from local underground art collective PDL talk about their work. You should listen to it, as they have a cool, unpretentious style that I'm told appeals to you teenage types.

Then, you should go to Kerry Park this Saturday, the 12th, between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm to see them unveil their latest, super-secret work of art. And don't say I never told you anything that would make you seem cool to your snobby friends.

PDL, by the by, are the guys behind the Unauthorized Tour of SAM, which this year's Young Critics experienced and reviewed, and about which they said things like:

"PDL are satirical geniuses." - Ashraf

"...this tour almost is an inadvertent act of reverse psychology. The more the creators poke fun at serious pieces of art, the more the observer finds themselves willing to unpack and analyze the piece." - Elsa

"Have you ever heard of PDL? If so: you are impossibly hip. If not: don’t worry there is still time." - Leah

PDLs "Eaglets", with Alexander Calder's "Eagle", at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Photo by Belltown via Flickr.

Thanks to Jen Graves over on the good ol' Slog
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