Twilight Makes Me Shudder

#6 in our "Twilight Makes Me" series, by Emma Me.

When I think of the Twilight saga, I get shivers not from the idea of mythical romance, but out of disgust for the mass franchise that it has become. I have read the books, and I can understand that some people get caught up in the whirlwind of first love. The Twilight series provides a sweet opportunity for girls to put themselves in Bella’s shoes, and for older women to relive their teenage years through the pages. However, this feature of Twilight is also one of its flaws. Some readers feel so capable of putting themselves in the main character’s shoes because said girl has little personality and repetitive lines, leaving her shoes open for the imagination to occupy.The fan base of Twilight is mainly love-struck females who refuse to accept anything less than their newly created idea of perfection (Edward) as a potential match for them. Sadly, the books, movies, music, clothing, etc. appeals to such a narrow range of people because any interesting supernatural phenomena are usurped by poorly worded love scenes. Due to the romantic spark ignited in passionate fans, Twilight has expanded into its own world filled with disappointing movies, ridiculous merchandise (Why do I need an Edward umbrella? I don’t plan to go to Forks anytime soon), and the general hype that has earned it a significant spot in popular culture. I do understand that the Twilight saga is enjoyable to read for the excitement of romance, but when the supernatural world is taken over by sparkling vampires and shirtless werewolves, I have to draw the line.

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