Twilight Makes Me Wish More Teenagers Had Less To Do

#3 in our "Twilight Makes Me" series, by Charlotte Z.

Twilight makes me wish more teenagers had less to do. Our lives are teeming incessantly with school, sports, hobbies, friends…it’s the constant stress of our communication and interaction heavy generation. Our lives are busy; hard even, if I may be so self-pitying. I feel like Twilight has become such a sensation because, let’s face it, it’s easy. The idea is easy to follow, the writing is basic and the movies lack “deeper meaning” and “substance”. And please, don’t try to argue this. Just compare Twilight to any classical piece of literature or film at Cannes. But that’s exactly what I think is so appealing about the vampire craze. With so many distractions Twilight is a chance to turn off your mind for a little while, even if you do so subconsciously. But I urge Twilight addicts to spend less time on Facebook, watch fewer Youtube videos, spend less time texting and don’t spend all free time stressing about school and friends. That way, maybe next time you Team Edwards! feel like reading something or watching a movie, you might have extra willpower to focus on something a little more complex.

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