#VOTE! Inaugural New Guard ~Leadership Board~ Elections

Meet the nominees for these newly-formed leadership positions on The New Guard, TeenTix's Arts Leadership Society

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TeenTix’s The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society is holding inaugural elections for its ~Leadership Board~, expanding beyond the singular role of President, held by Coco Allred of Skyline High School.

Joining Coco will be the newly-formed roles of Vice President, Secretary/Historian, Finance/Philanthropy Chair, Events Chair, and Peer Engagement Chair.

As with any democratic process, TeenTix relies your participation! Stipulations: only active TeenTix members, ages 13-19, are allowed to vote, and only one vote per device. Voting is live for one full week, Tuesday 10/20 ‘til Tuesday 10/27.


Winners will be announced in the TeenTix weekly e-newsletter on Wednesday 10/28. Candidates’ term will begin immediately and conclude in July 2016. (New Guard Leadership Board elections will henceforth happen in the summers, with an August-July term.)

The following New Guardians were nominated by their peers for the respective positions:

(Pro-tip: click their names to read their bios!)

Vice President
- Meg Shepherd [Ballard High School]
- Dylan Sherman [Lakeside School]

- Esmé DeCoster [Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences] (Running unopposed! Congrats, Esmé!)

Events Chair
- Caroline Healey [Lakeside School]
- April Kim [Decatur High School]
- Elizabeth Van Flandern [Raisbeck Aviation High School]

Finance/Philanthropy Chair
- Tess Sevetson [Ingraham High School]
- Elizabeth Van Flandern [Raisbeck Aviation High School]

Peer Engagement Chair(s)
- Henry Hossner [West Seattle High School] & Katherine Draves [Garfield High School] (Henry+Katherine decided to be co-chairs, and the New Guard approved! Congrats to all!)

See below for a description of each position, as well as a few compelling, persuasive sentences by each candidate, a quick bio, and—depending on the position—even a campaign video or two


Vice President

- Helps president keep track of committees
- Assists and supports work of Philanthropy/Finances + Events + Peer Engagement Chairs
- Fills in if the president is absent

Meg Shepherd is starting her third year on the New Guard and is super psyched to be nominated for Vice Prez! She would bring her positive attitude, a passion for the arts, and loud leadership superpowers to the table as VP. Along with watching Mean Girls way too many times, Meg spends her days doing quite a bit of everything in the Ballard High School theatre. And remember, a vote for Meg is a vote for local theatres, Aaron Tveit, and Beyonce! Be an informed voter: Watch Meg's campaign video!

Dylan Sherman: "I would love to be the Vice President of the New Guard because TeenTix and art mean SO much to me. Since I dance ballet, I love using my pass to go see all sorts of professional dance groups. This is my third year on the New Guard and I'm a senior, so I really want to make my mark on this organization before I leave for college." Be an informed voter: Watch Dylan's campaign video!


- Takes notes during meetings and emails them to The New Guard
- Takes photos of events, meetings, and NG outings; organizes ‘group selfies’
- Keeps track of New Guard goals, concerns, questions, and ideas; spokesperson to TeenTix membership

Esmé Decoster: "Hi TeenTix Members! My name is Esmé and I am the new Secretary/Historian for the TeenTix New Guard. I am supper happy to have this position, and look forward to making MANY MANY notes. I’m sure by the end of my term I will have constant finger cramps. I think documenting everything that happens in this organization is necessary so we can look back at what works and what doesn’t. Thanks for putting up with me! Keep being supporting the Arts."

Events Chair

- In conjunction with TeenTix staff + The New Guard, helps to plan + schedule volunteers for TeenTix special events
- Point person for booths/activities at Teeny Awards
- Creates Facebook event pages, posts, and email blurbs for special events

Caroline Healey: "Event planning is one of my favorite things to do because I love bringing people together for fun events! I know most Teen Tix events will be fundraising and/or youth engagement events and I have lots of experience planning both kinds of events. I have helped plan events for organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitors' Center, WE Day, Blue Ridge Club Inc., Amara Foster Care and Adoption Network, Penny Harvest, 14/48:HS, One Reel, Childhaven, and my school. I am responsible and passionate, know what it takes to pull off a great event, and would love to help TeenTix own its Events Game!" Be an informed voter! Watch Caroline's campaign video!

April Kim: "Hi! I'm April and I'm running for Events Chair for the New Guard of Teentix. I have volunteered as a New Guardian for Teentix at the Lizard Boy Musical World Premier, the KEXP Community Partnership Benefit, Bumbershoot 2015, and the Teeny Awards! I am super excited to continue to do what I love. Even if I don't get the position, no worries! I'll still be at the events volunteering, as always! I hope you are all enjoying the arts as much as I am, and I'll see you guys at another event soon! Happy TeenTix-ing!!" Be an informed voter! Watch April's campaign video!

Elizabeth Van Flandern: "As a master at blurb making, and exuberant past prom planner, I feel I could be a very good Events Chair. Event planning is something I really enjoy doing and being part of. My mother was never satisfied with a birthday party for me unless it had a color scheme, a theme, and costumes; Although not quite as practiced, I've certainly learned a bit from her. Whether it be as a points person for y'all, or a liaison for teens in the area for the info on events, I'm your girl. This is my first year on the New Guard, but I'm in love, and I really want to play a larger part in making TeenTix great." Be an informed voter! Watch Elizabeth's campaign video!

Finance/Philanthropy Chair

- Helps lead and informs The New Guard on current fundraising agenda
- Keeps track of New Guard budget

Tess Sevetson: "I would like to serve The New Guard as the Finances/Philanthropy Chair because I want to further support The New Guard and TeenTix by helping with fundraising efforts and keeping track of our budget. I am qualified for this position because I am knowledgeable about dealing with money, as I took IB Business Management and I am the Head of Fundraising of Ingraham’s Theater department. I have also already been on The New Guard for over a year."
Elizabeth Van Flandern: "$$$ Who's excited about money? I am! I'm also excited to be running for Philanthropy/Finances Chair. I'm pretty frugal, which means, I can keep track of our budget, no problem. I'm not sure what exactly this job will entail, because this is our first year, but I've mastered Google Spreadsheets(the secret of all good treasurers), so not even a dime will be dimed worthless [',smile]. I've also been a Girl Scout since Kindergarten, so I've had to fundraise a LOT. I'll keep you guys in the know about fundraising, because what's better than people literally GIVING TeenTix money? NOTHING."

Peer Engagement Chair(s)

- Helps TeenTix members at large feel included and connected to TeenTix the organization
- Works with Philanthropy/Finances and Events Chair to create social media blasts
- Manages social media outreach campaigns and videos

Please note: Henry and Katherine chose to be co-chairs, and The New Guard approved. Congrats to all!

Katherine Draves is so excited to help spearhead the Peer Engagement team. She hopes to increase communication about the inner workings of TeenTix HQ and The New Guard as well as publicizing lesser known partner organizations. Katherine also wishes to amuse the Teen Tix general population with her hilarious and informative social media blasts.
Henry Hossner: "I am super excited to be part of your Peer Engagement team this year! I hope to engage more teens may have TeenTix but don't use it, as well as those who don't have it. To do so, I was thinking that we could make some posters to hang up at our schools, among other things."


P.S. For those over 18, maayyyyybe think about registering and then actually voting in YOUR local general elections before Tuesday, November 3rd!

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