Warm, Fuzzy Christmas Vibes All Around

​Review of A Christmas Story: The Musical at 5th Avenue Theatre by Alyssa O

A Christmas Story 2

Are you staying inside this year to watch Christmas movie reruns and harvest your inner couch potato? You should move your potato buns to the 5th Avenue Theatre instead, where A Christmas Story: The Musical will warm your heart with bizarre leg lamp musical numbers, meta jokes, and all the ups and downs of being a kid again.

Not a single thing about this performance is normal. Sure, the storyline makes it seem so — a slightly geeky American boy named Ralphie tries to convince his family to get him a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas — but this musical is sprinkled with tons of quirky humor and bizarre holiday charm that will keep you at the edge of your seat. You can’t help but laugh at the overly exaggerated stereotypes hilariously portrayed by the talented singer/actor powerhouses at the 5th Avenue Theatre — or the dad’s strange obsession with his female anatomy-inspired lamp. All the funny quirks of this outrageous musical will have you entertained the entire night.

The talent and enthusiasm displayed by all the artists is jaw-dropping. Kids half my age were singing and acting better than anyone I had ever met. I wanted to leap on stage and join all the talented actors who made nothing in the world look as fun. Fourteen-year-old Mark Jeffrey James Weber, without missing a single angelic note, delivered the character of Ralphie with impressive finesse and attention to detail.

The charming set design made the entire musical look like a sitcom in a snowglobe on stage, the jazzy music fit perfectly with every scene, and the choreography and artistic direction added zest and attitude. The 5th Avenue Theatre’s production is nothing but impressive.

While other performance venues showcase the fine arts of music, dance, and classical singing, the 5th Avenue Theatre displays the art of creating laughter. It’s no wonder that this production, created in-house in 2010, has transformed into a hit Broadway musical that has spread across the nation.

This performance is a megatron for entertainment, built for spreading warm, fuzzy Christmas vibes all around. Whether you’re familiar with the original movie or not, be sure to catch the excitement, humor, and talent this holiday season with the 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of A Christmas Story: The Musical.

A Christmas Story: The Musical
5th Avenue Theatre
November 25 - December 30

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