Welcome UW School of Drama!

We are delighted to welcome our newest participating organization, The University of Washington School of Drama.

What they've got: Professional quality, boundary-pushing theatre in gorgeous spaces
Why you'll go: To see truly great work selected, directed, designed, and performed by young, up-and-coming artists
Extra bonus: There are, like, four million bus routes that go to UW. So convenient! Plus, a plethora of convenient, college-budget-friendly meal choices await you right there on the Ave. Cheap date night!

Next up at UW Drama:

The Illusion
The Illusion is an adaptation by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner (of Angels in America fame) of Pierre Corneille's seventeenth-century comedy. Test your wits along with Plato in this tale about a father's love for his son and the complications of romantic love as revealed by an all-powerful sorcerer.

April 26 - May 6
Jones Playhouse at 40th & University Way
Teen Tix tickets just $5 at the door
More info: depts.washington.edu/uwdrama
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