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Teen Editorial Staff January 2022 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Member Triona Suiter and Lucia McLaren

Jan Editorial

2022 will be another year of firsts—some good, some bad, but hopefully enough to get us on the right track. It can be difficult to face yet another wave of uncertainty, but if nothing else, we here at TeenTix know that the art world will continue to flourish. Be it film, theater, music, or whatever else gets your creativity flowing, join us as we start the new year off with pieces from across the state.

Feeling like heading back to the stage this January? If you’re looking for something to make you laugh, come and watch See How They Run at Taproot Theatre Company, a lighthearted comedy about how one woman’s night out on the town can turn to mayhem. Or if you have an animal companion at home and want to see a creative take on their shades of morality, take a look at Animal Saints & Animal Sinners 3 at 18th & Union. For those who like a touch more realism, ACT presents Hotter Than Egypt, a dramedy (drama-comedy) that follows two American tourists and their two Egyptian tour guides. And for anyone interested in historical activism, Seattle Rep’s one-woman musical Fannie: The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer is sure to be a hit.

It’s not only theater carrying us through the new year; we’ve got movies and music too! SIFF’s BANNED! series will explore the complicated history of forbidden films, kicking off week one of the program with the theme Witch Hunt. Or if you’re wanting to get back to Seattle’s grungy musical roots, we’d suggest you check out local punk bands Mangy, Head Honcho, Alfredo Ghosts, and Ol’ Doris—four groups that sadly will be unable to perform at The Vera Project this month due to current health and safety precautions.

Whether or not you make it out to an event this month, we invite you to take a moment to admire the resilience of the arts with us. Even after nearly two years of a pandemic, the strength of Seattle’s creativity has not faltered. May you go into 2022 knowing that this community has your back.

Lead Photo Credit: Photo by Sapan Patel for Unsplash

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