What do Tracy Morgan and Marvin Hamlisch Have in Common?

E.G.O.T. The so-called Showbiz Grand Slam. It stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and composer/conductor Marvin Hamlisch is one of only twelve people ever to have won them all (he's also got a couple of Golden Globes and a Pulitzer. Show off.) And Tracy Morgan...well...uh, Tracy Morgan doesn't have any of them, but his character on 30 Rock is obsessed with the E.G.O.T. See:

Other EGOTers include composer Richard Rodgers, actor Audrey Hepburn, comedian/host/spokeslady Whoopi Goldberg, and actor/singer/legend Barbra Steisand. So that's a pretty good club to be in.

Wouldn't it be great if you could meet Mr. Hamlisch? Well, today's your lucky day. Seattle Symphony is hosting a Teen Night on Friday, June 4th for their concert The Music Man in 60 Minutes, and the first 50 teens to buy tickets get to go to a special pre-show meet-and-greet with the man himself! Plus, free cupcakes from Wolfgang Puck Catering. Plus PLUS, it's all just $5 for Teen Tix members. We know, we know, we're great. No awards necessary.

More info can be found here.

Teen Night at Seattle Symphony with Marvin Hamlisch
Friday, June 4th
7:00: Pre-show meet & greet with Marvin Hamlisch (first 50 ticket buyers)
7:15: Schmoozing and cupcaking (for all!) featuring winners of the 2010 Essentially Ellington Outstanding Soloist Award, hailing from the celebrated Garfield, Roosevelt and Edmond Woodward High School jazz bands
8:00:The Music Man in 60 Minutes
Call 206.215.4818 RIGHT NOW and mention Teen Tix to buy your $5 advance ticket and secure your spot in the Hamlisch reception.

Questions? We're here for ya. Email teentix@seattle.gov or call us at 206-233-3959.
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