where are they now?

Where Are They Now proflies former Teen Steering Committee superstar, Ms. Jasmin Kwan.

What's your name? Jasmin Kwan

How old are you? 18

Where did you go to high school? Ballard High School

Where are you now? I'm currently a sophomore at Cornish College of the Arts studying artsy fartsy things that cost a lot of money. I'm a barista at the Blue Saucer cafe and I'm on two soccer teams. I still live at home and I haven't changed much from when I was doing Teen Tix. :]

What's one thing you know now that you wish you'd known when you were in high school? I wish I knew that I was never going to see my classmates after graduation. I would have dressed more obnoxiously, made more art, auditioned for a play, and taken music classes. Peers in high school are tough to deal with, but they don't matter.

What's one thing you want to do that you haven't yet? I really want to be a roller derby girl.

What's your favorite art form and why? My favorite art form.... You're asking someone who goes to an art school! I really like going to the free first Thursdays in Pioneer square, there's lots of multimedia work and painting and photography, anything with lots of detail and complexity and simplicity. I also like accordians, classical guitar, improv and circus. All of which I think more people should expose themselves to [the art, music and performance part...]. There are so many artists out there, just waiting for you to see that they can do, so GO! Get watching and learning and teaching!

Why should people join the Teen Steering Committee? Join the TeenTix Steering Committee! I got to go to some free plays [like $5 wasn't good enough] I got free food. I got to decided which venues we should to contact to broaden the TeenTix usage. Adults don't know what we want, they're still stuck thinking we want Backstreet Boys and Chia pets. No, we want improv and intense dramas and controversy and authoritive testing! Plus, Holly and Pete are really cool, and it would be really awesome to have some kids cooler and more clever than I to be on that committee.

Anything else? I RUV TEEN TIX! There should be a TeenTix fan club for all the grown up people, and they do marshmallow eating contests to get a lifetime membership card.

Ooooo yeah!

Thanks Jasmin. And you are SO cool and clever. We'll totally take that marshmallow-eating contest thing under advisement.

You want to join the Teen Steering Committee now, don't you? I knew it. Guess what? We're recruiting! We want YOU! Just have an adult (who's not your parent) or another teen send us an email nominating you. It can be one sentence long. Just make sure they include your contact info, too. More info on TSC and what it does can be found here. Don't delay! The first meeting of the year is October 26th!
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