New Guard Visits: Wing Luke Museum

Get all the deets on The New Guard's trip to the Wing Luke Museum!


One of our favorite things about The New Guard is that teens get opportunities throughout the year to take trips to TeenTix’s Partner Organizations! A few months ago, The New Guard used their time to take a formal outing to the Wing Luke Museum. Not only did they get to enjoy a personal tour of the museum and learn about its history in in Seattle’s lively International District, but New Guardians also had a couple hours to spend with the art, and followed up the whole experience with dim sum at a local restaurant! And, since they were closeby, the group took a jaunt to Seattle Art Museum’s Teen Night Out—overall, a fantastic night of fun, friends, and food.

We asked a few New Guardians to share the Top 5 Things They Didn’t Know They Loved about Wing Luke. Here’s what they said:

  1. I didn't know about the community exhibit curation at the Wing, and it's a really effective and unique way of engaging people! The Wing Luke gets guidance from the community in designing their exhibits and it makes the exhibits and the history feel a lot more relevant. The beverage exhibit they currently have on display was curated this way. It's an informative and multi-faceted look at the culture surrounding different types of beverages in the International District, and the origins/heritages of the drinks and their makers. It was a really thoughtful exhibit, and made me want to go to the Wing Luke more often! –Tova G.
  2. Listening to people describe the smells of spices and old newspaper the 1920s Yick Fung Company store. –Isabel S.
  3. Although I've been to the Wing Luke a few times, I've never been to the Ying Fung shop and learned about how they housed Asian immigrants or learned about the history of the cool Wing Luke building. –Elan M.
  4. The preserved sections of the building give a real impression of the history the Wing Luke represents and were interesting to experience, especially with a tour! Some of the rooms in the old hotel the Wing Luke is built off of are preserved to be almost the same as they were when in use as a hotel for recent immigrants (updated to current safety codes of course). –Tova G.
  5. A haunting, beautifully done exhibit on war. (I already really like the Wing so there's not too much I didn't know!) –Isabel S.

P.S. A huuuuuge thumbs up to the box office at this museum: they had "We Accept TeenTix!" signs both inside AND outside, and were prepped and ready to accept TeenTix Passes from visitors. NOICE!

Learn more about the Wing Luke Museum here, or by visiting with your TeenTix pass for just $5!

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