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Review of Tchaikovsky & Sibelius at Seattle Symphony by Alyssa T.

The Seattle Symphony paints with sound. Each rich movement is a story unfolding right before your eyes, a story individualized and only accessible to you, because it is created by you. It’s a movie in your mind, inspired by the music being played by the incredible orchestra before you. But the Seattle Symphony is more than an orchestra; it’s a fountain of inspiration, carrying stories centuries old. The Seattle Symphony is much more than what you think of when you hear the word “symphony.”

There are too many connotations associated with the term, “classical music.” It should be called “you music” instead, because this music is yours. What kind of world will you discover when you hear Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, and Sibelius express their deepest emotions? What will you discover about yourself? What does your mind gravitate towards? What kinds of secrets and images lie within you, waiting to be unlocked by the music before you?

There is no replacement for a live orchestra playing before you. Each performance is a unique experience that can never be replicated, even if you saw the same show three times in the same week. Each day inspires new images in your head, and each performance draws upon those inspirations and all the little quirks of your life. Try an mp3 player, and headphones, and the sound won’t capture you and hold you as it does in Benaroya Hall. Visiting the Seattle Symphony is a full-on experience designed to free your imagination with the beautiful music.

Each movement is a tale painted not with words, but with the passion and emotion of long-dead composers. The symphony only contributes half of the performance, however. The other half lies in you, what you decide to make of it, and how you let it inspire you. If you are interested in seeing what your imagination is capable of creating, take the time to visit the symphony. The Seattle Symphony paints with sound, and you should be there to witness their magic and yours.

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October 12 & 13 at 8:00 PM
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