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Apply now to see or perform your art in the all-teen-curated Teen Arts & Opportunity Fair!

One of our favorite things about The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society is that it opens doors for teens to create and curate the art they want to see in the world. In true youth arts leadership fashion, New Guard members Abbey S. and Esme D. are piloting a brand new annual program: the Teen Arts & Opportunity Fair, happening May 6th at Washington Hall!

From Abbey: "This is an event where teens can come with their friends and families to check out the different arts opportunities that our city offers through TeenTix & our partners. We are calling this an ‘Opportunity Fair’ and not a ‘Career Fair’ to promote exploration of the many various opportunities to engage in as a teenager in our community."

From Esme: "This is also an opportunity to showcase teen-produced art without having to couch them as teens involved in a skill-development program, associated with a particular school, or listing their age. They simply can be ‘artists.’"

Are you interested in being a part of it? Submit your art to the fair, and/or share with your creative friends! You can apply now to have your art (music, dance, theater, poetry, spoken word, literature, visual, photography) selected as part of the pop-up performances or on-going display during the fair! Hurry, the application deadline is April 6th, and we will inform applicants of acceptance on April 9th.

More details about the Fair coming soon! #WatchThisSpace

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