You’re Coming to the Teeny Awards, Right?



This is Holly, the director of TeenTix. Hello.

This is an invitation. I wish I had to time to make a beautiful card and mail it to every single TeenTix member and thank you for participating in this community. But I don't, because I'm too busy planning an amazing party for you, and I really hope you will come to it. Seriously. You.

Even though this is the 5th year that we've given out Teeny Awards for the best in Seattle arts as decided by you, this is the first year we've ever given them away in a big ceremony. THE FIRST YEAR. This is a really big deal and we really really want you to be there. So, here are some of the enticing things we have planned for you:

Red Carpet!
Custom button-making!
A carnival game with prizes!
A raffle where you can basically win an entire year's worth of tickets to things!
A dance party on the stage at ACT Theatre with DJ J-Justice!
(Wait, you don't know who Lindy West is? She's only Seattle's hottest young celebrity! What's that you say? Mackelmore WHO?)

And, also, we will give out the awards that you voted for AND you get to vote for one more--FAVORITE ORGANIZATION--right there in real time at the awards ceremony.

It is going to be a blast the likes of which no self-respecting art nerd would miss. Get your friends, get your tickets, get your outfits, and get yourselves downtown on Saturday, September 14th to help us show the world that teens actually do give a crap about art.

TICKETS FOR TEENTIX MEMBERS ARE $5 IN ADVANCE AND THEY ARE ON SALE NOW AND YOU SHOULD BUY THEM NOW. (Don't say you're "busy with school" because this takes 3 minutes which is 27 minutes less than you just spent on facebook which is not "school" and neither is Tumblr so don't even try it.)

Seriously, don't wait, 'cause it's gonna sell out. Click here and select 'Student'. You won't be charged the usual $5 ticketing fee. (But you will need a credit card.)

Parents are totally welcome, too. Non-TeenTix member tickets are $20, and you can buy them here.

I think you are super. I am glad that you are a part of the TeenTix community. See you at The Teeny Awards, okay? Okay.

- H

P.S. Here is the facebook event. RSVP! Invite friends! This is how things happen!

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