“ZOMG. Teen Tix rules.”

Every once in a while here at Teen Tix HQ we do stop facebooking long enough to crunch some numbers and see how well we're fulfilling the ol' mission. Today's numbers are full of good news for us, for Seattle's young arts-lovers, and for the long-term health of our cultural community. So we thought we'd share. We're also throwing in some quotes from our fantastic members. Because quotes are nice.

"I took some friends with me to different shows: plays, concerts, etc. and if it wasn't for the Teen Tix, they would not have seen them. These are friends who had never gone to a theatre or been to a show outside of what they had seen in school."

In our most recent member survey (Sept. 2009) 70% of Teen Tix members said that they now attend the arts more frequently (37.5%) or a lot more frequently (32.7%) than they did before joining Teen Tix.
Teen Tix tickets sold in April, 2004 (our first month): 4
Teen Tix tickets sold in April, 2009: 441

"My grandmother really enjoys going to the theater. She has taken me to musicals for years. Now, I can take her with me with my Teen Tix. Thanks."

By the end of 2009, Teen Tix will have facilitated the sale of over 12,500 teen tickets to the arts over our five year history.
The Teen Tix weekly e-newsletter reaches over 16,000 teens, parents, and adults who work with youth. In 2008, Teen Tix members used their passes 3,874 times. That's a 24% response rate, over 10 times the industry average for e-marketing!
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The Teen Tix experience at ACT Theatre

"For me, the arts made me a much more open-minded person"

In April of 2004 (our first month), 11 teenagers signed up for Teen Tix. In September of 2009, that number was 542.
97% of our new registrations are online and word-of-mouth driven.

"I love Teen Tix and how it connects teens to the arts, and how it invokes their cooperation on so many levels."

Our family of participating organizations has grown to include thirty-three of our region's best arts producers (they're all listed over there on the right). That's fourteen theatres, four museums, two dance companies, one opera company, three cinemas, one symphony, one international performing arts festival, one arts and lectures series, one laser dome (guess which one), and five multi-disciplinary arts centers. Whew!

"Since I got my Teen Tix registration, I have seen more art than I ever have in my life, and have truly realized how great it is. And I have cajoled my friends into getting their passes, and dragged them all over town; to the ballet, Intiman, SAM, you name it. And we have had a wonderful time. And we agree on two things: we love art, and we love Teen Tix. Simply put: Teen Tix has helped expose me to art I would not have seen without it, and has expanded my mind and enriched me as a person.

ZOMG. Teen Tix rules."
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