A New Year’s Artistic Blessings

Teen Editorial Staff January 2023 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Audrey Gray and Disha Cattamanchi

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With one turn of a calendar’s page, 2023 has arrived. For many, the new year is a time for self-reflection. Some might make New Year’s resolutions to look back on their year in review; others might set on the path to a fresh start. For the more creatively inclined, the new year is a magnificent chance to delve deep into who you are and who you want to become through art. If you’re interested in experiencing the myriad of artistic perspectives the new year has inspired in the Seattle community, check out the events covered this month on the TeenTix Arts Blog, curated by the Teen Editorial Staff.

For those of you aching to return to theater after the holidays, look no further for some truly exciting events. Seattle Repertory Theatre is welcoming in the new year by contemplating change and transformation with Metamorphoses, a thrilling new theatrical production inspired by Ovid’s classic epic poem. If you’re looking to delve even further into history, check out History of Theatre at ACT Theatre, a production that seeks to explore and celebrate the rich, little-known history of Black theatre in America. To challenge your social perceptions, consider seeing This Bitter Earth at Seattle Public Theater, a beautiful exploration of racial issues, Queer identity, and modern love.

This year there are a wide variety of exhibits, waiting for your viewing pleasure. This January, we are highlighting three very versatile exhibits that emphasize the ever changing nature of humanity and art. Artistic innovation with themes of adaptation and survival are profoundly portrayed in Victor Kai Wang’s exhibit at Wing Luke Museum, Reorient. If you are interested in learning more about indigenous tattooing and the rich history surrounding northwest coastal art, Body Language at Burke Museum might be the art event for you. Anthony White: Limited Liability at SAM is a vibrant look at consumerism in a maximalist style, presented by artist Anthony White.

If your tastes lie in the unconventional, consider seeing Thank You For Coming: Space at On the Boards, an intimate and contemplative one-person performance that combines unorthodox theatrical elements with raw human emotion, testing the limits and restrictions of personal expression. Watching a film at SIFF is also a great way to start your new year, delving into new cinematic productions with vast perspectives and themes. SIFF’s curation of films range from mainstream to unknown, and are a great way to diversify your art experiences.

With our massive selection of transformative arts events, we hope you start your New Year with a bang! Seattle’s creative landscape is forever changing and thriving, with so much to learn and view for your entertainment. There is so much inspiration in the air as we kick off to a new and magnificent year filled with art and human connection. Hopefully, you’ll get to experience new artistic styles and perspectives in this magical new year.

Lead Photo: Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash

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