A Night of Surprisingly Spooky Fun!

Review of All Ages Dance Party: Vampires vs. Werewolves @ EMP by Melissa C.

I am not a huge fan of either horror movies or the rap bands that were scheduled to perform at this teen organized event honoring the opening of the new exhibit, so it was warily that I entered the EMP. Immediately I was greeted by enthusiastic makeup artists. These friendly professionals quickly did up our faces and sent us off to be photographed. As I wandered up the stairs the music was pounding, and I prepared myself for a dark, sexy dance party, but I was disappointed to see a small group of teens gathered close to the low stage and a few scattered on the sides looking bored. Once I joined the masses around the stage, my enjoyment increased tenfold. The two young men onstage commanded us to keep our arms up as they busted out some rhymes about life as young rappers and eventually slowly backed off the stage, leaving the crowd cheering for more. They were followed by a tedious but satisfying student made horror film to fill the space before the next artist. Meanwhile, downstairs the horror exhibit was open for spooky flashlight tours or just wandering through as we dared. The exhibit was both informative and scary. Even the security guards were friendly and passionate about their jobs. I ended up walking out of the event with my arms full of complimentary gifts, a new appreciation for rap, and a promise to watch at least three classic horror movies. I spotted groups of people grabbing their coats and dipping early because of the small crowds and little known bands but this late night dance party ended up educating and entertaining me far beyond my expectations.

All Ages Dance Party: Vampires vs. Werewolves
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