A Socially Distant September

Teen Editorial Staff September 2020 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Anya Shukla and Triona Suiter

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This is a strange time for the arts world. Art is a community effort, a group-bonding experience… yet right now, we’re all watching these pieces in separate locations, isolated and alone. We hope our reviews provide the connective tissue between your viewing experiences and someone else’s—a chance for you to reflect on artwork alongside our writers. If nothing else, we’ll offer you arts recommendations to brighten your socially distant September.

If you want to get dressed up, grab some snacks, and make the most of your at-home viewing with pieces that would have been shown physically in any other year, then sit down to watch Pacific Science Center’s online footage of Laser Dome 360, Whim Whim’s XALT, or NFFTY 2020. Extra points if you bring $5 and your TeenTix pass!

Or would you rather travel back to pre-quarantine times? Through SIFF’s Virtual Cinema, watch John Lewis: Good Trouble, a movie about U.S. Representative John Lewis’ lifetime of advocacy, or Our Time Machine via NW Film Forum, where artist Maleonn explores memory in an ode to his father, who has Alzheimer’s.

Perhaps you’re looking for recognition of the current situation, not escape. If that’s the case, we’ve got the show for you: ArtsWest’s Temporary Occupancy is a meditation on social isolation and home, a reflection on the liminal spaces that our remote lives have become.

In short, whatever you’d like right now, whether that be escape or reality, we’ve got you covered. And know that, even though you may feel alone when watching a piece in your bedroom, we’re all doing the same thing, all around the city. We’re all lonely together.

Lead photo credit: Photo by Elijah O'Donnell for Unsplash

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