Agree with Alyssa. This is an addiction (full blow…

Agree with Alyssa. This is an addiction (full blown) if it cannot be stopped for two or three hours straight. Last evening yet another great film here in NYC was spoiled by one young lady's constant texting and all of us around her having to be subjected to the 15 watt bulb from her blackberry or IPhone. I asked her to stop and she did for a while 20 minutes. But she started texting again, it was clear she was "jones'ing" as if coming off of a drug and could stay off texting on her phone. She was irritating everyone and several said things and the same process would happen. Using one's cell and texting in theaters and cinemas or in churches (increasing) is rude to everyone who has paid money around her; there is no reason to see a film or play if one is not fully engaged in the entire experience; people's time management issues are not others' burden to carry; texting is making a lot of teens and 20-somethings just appear to be rude and ill mannered. It is as if they've an electronic tracking bracelet. If one is engrossed in a machine one is not engaged by others. Instead of Texting Rows how about they just stay home and text or walk public streets and text? Why enter any theater, church, synagogue, library, restaurant, cinema at all if one is that distracted and disengaged?
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