April Showers Bring Art’s Flowers

Teen Editorial Staff April 2022 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Eleanor Cenname and Lucia McLaren

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There is something a bit nostalgic every time spring rolls around. The familiar whiff of flowers that brings to mind the warmer seasons. For those of us going to school, the end of the year starts to come into crisp focus. And best of all, the days grow longer, giving us just a little more time in the day to play. At TeenTix, we like to play by enjoying art. If you would like to join us as we use our new daylight hours, consider visiting the TeenTix calendar for a full list of arts events happening this month. Let us also recommend a few of the April events that we are most looking forward to.

As the weather gets warmer and students get restless, it’s a great month to take a look at some old favorites. If a nostalgia trip feels like the right thing for you this time of year, come down and see a musical adaptation of the classic, fun kid’s book Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! at Seattle Children’s Theatre. Or if you want to engage in some more mature forms of art, Pacific Northwest Ballet will be presenting the unforgettable Swan Lake. Even if you are not much of a ballet enthusiast, this age-old story is truly a delight to watch for everyone, and the dancers performing are sure to be talented and creative.

Another exciting event this April comes from SIFF, which will be hosting their 48th Seattle International Film Festival virtually and in-person at theaters across the area. There’s sure to be something for everyone with hundreds of films on display. Or if you feel like looking at some more specific productions, we have two great theater pieces we’ll be reviewing this month. The Pulitzer Prize-winning Anna in the Tropics from Tacoma Arts Live centers on Cuban-American cigar factory workers and owners and how their lives intertwine with the classic novel Anna Karenina. And finally, over at Intiman Theatre, Two Mile Hollow performs a funny, biting take on the typical “rich white family with secrets” plot.

However you decide to spend these warmer months, we hope you can find time to slow down. So, delight in the flowers, shed your sweaters, and have some adventures outside. We hope you make time for art too.

Lead Photo: Photo by Mario Mendez for Unsplash.

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