Basically, the show is Awesome!

A Review of Improvise Your Own Adventure
at Unexpected Productions
By Jasmine K.

The "Improvise Your Own Adventure" at Unexpected Productions exceeded my expectations beyond belief. I had to keep telling myself that every show is different, there is no script, and the actors were just wingin' it. They performed adequately considering the constraints of the media. The whole theatre was engaged in the experience and it wasn't just actors on a stage that were performing a play, it was raw, interactive and hands down hilarious. I highly suggest anyone [the shows are all-ages friendly] to see this show, over and over again, it will never be the same, that's the great thing about improv. If that doesn't convince you enough, deep sea+engaged couple+pre-honeymoon disaster+underwater volcano+crazy submarine people=laugh-til-you-cry-syndrome, and you will leave this show quoting lines that will never be heard... because there was no script! Beautiful!

I can't even put it into words! I'm so glad I went!

Unexpected Productions is housed at the Market Theatre in Pike Place Market.
They have shows Wednesday thru Sunday, several shows a night.
Current offerings include: Improvise Your Own Adventure, Theatre Sports, and Duo Comedy Improv Showcase

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