Corporate Pranksters

A Review of The Yes Men Fix the World at Northwest Film Forum by Laura V.

No isn't an answer for Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno as they battle the free market by pulling pranks on large corporate businesses. In The Yes Men Fix The World, Mike and Andy decide to impersonate employees from corporate companies including Dow Chemical, World Trade Organization, Exxon Oil, McDonalds, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the New York Times. Their objective: to spread awareness by changing the truth with outrageous props to support their mission ranging from Gilda the Skeleton, Reggie the human flesh candle, and the Survivorball; and with each spoof, the Yes Men clearly get their message to the business men that are drinking the "free market kool-aid."

The Yes Men successfully made their point throughout the film. They gave the audience a well-developed, unbiased approach to how the free market is draining natural resources and how the free marketeers are affecting the middle and lower classes, without letting us know. Using vintage cartoon clips and other primary sources, the Yes Men used interviews of locals from Bhopal to the men of the Cato Institute to get their point across and let us understand what really fuels the wealth, prosperity, freedom, privatization and capitalist system of the "free" world.

I highly recommend this film for anyone who loves a prank or two. The Yes Men took on corruption and had fun exposing the truth by simultaneously spreading awareness to a broad audience, and as Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno put it, "if we can do that, imagine what you can do."

The Yes Men Fix the World plays now through December 3rd

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