Actor Moses Yim
by Kayla E

My interview with Moses Yim got off to a rocky start. After an hour-long journey down Aurora next to the crazy people on the 358, I proceeded to get lost. To top it all off, my beloved cell phone ran out of battery and I was hopelessly stranded in a part of Seattle I had never ventured. Just as I was starting to head back to the bus, severely disappointed at my failed attempt to get of the couch and do something, I heard a voice calling my name. I was saved! Holly came to whisk me away to my first Teen Tix interview.

Watch the interview!

The subject was Moses Yim, the totally adorable star of Sex in Seattle: Episode 18. I soon learned he was just as nervous as I was. At 26, Moses is one cool dude. His answers to my questions were more insightful and funny than I could ever ask for. I even learned he went to the same high school as me (Shorewood High School) and from that point on we were just a couple of teenagers gossiping about if I knew this person or if I had ever had this teacher. I would urge fellow Shorewood thespians to come support this awesome alumni and of course for all Teen Tix members to see this talented guy in action. Although he may disagree, Moses Yim is totally crush worthy.

See Moses in Sex in Seattle Episode 18: An Everyday Kind of Love
September 10 - October 9
Richard Hugo House
More info at
Rated "PG-13" for "sexual innuendo and saucy situations"
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