Extemporaneous Commentary

What? Art making, cake eating, theatre watching
When? Sunday, December 17th
Where? Seattle Repertory Theatre
How much? $5.00 for you, $5.00 for your guest

More please: Teen Tix and Seattle Rep are pleased to invite you to Extemporaneous Commentary, a party that will include art-making (specifically: artworks created on old-fashioned cafeteria trays), cake-eating (specifically: delicious), and theatre watching (specifically: Seattle Rep’s hotly anticipated production of Speech & Debate).

The art-making starts at 5:00 pm in the Rep’s scene shop. Artworks will be created, hung in the Rep’s lobby, and the gallery opened all in two hours! Invite your friends and family to come and see what you’ve created – the gallery opening party starts at 6:30. There will be cake! Then at 7:30, the special sneak-preview performance ofSpeech & Debate begins. The artworks that are created will be shown in the Rep’s lobby during the run of Speech & Debate.

5:00 – 6:30 = art-making
6:30 – 7:30 = gallery opening/cake-eating
7:30 – 9:30 = show watching

Small print: this party is open to Teen Tix members and their guests only. Teen artists who wish to participate in the art-making portion of the evening must RSVP as space and materials are limited. Just like eating cake and watching art? Come to the party and the show! Your $5.00 Teen Tix ticket gets you into the pre-show gallery reception.


Can adults come to the art-making part? Nope. The art-making portion of the evening is just for teen artists. But if you’d like to bring an adult as your guest for the party and show, you can leave a ticket for them at the box office.

What if I just want to see the show (and eat cake)? Come at 6:30 for the gallery opening party and preview performance. Tickets are 2 for $10, so bring a guest!

Can I take my art home with me? The artworks that are created will be displayed in Seattle Rep’s lobby during the run of Speech & Debate (a great opportunity to have your work exhibited publicly). After the show closes on February 21st, 2010, you can come and collect your art.

Can I reserve my tickets just for the party and show? Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do so, as the show is expected to sell out.

To RSVP, send an email to teentix@seattle.gov with your full name and phone number. Please let us know how many tickets you are reserving (1 or 2) and whether you are reserving for just the party and show, or for the art-making, too!

Learn more about Speech & Debate on our facebook page.

Extemporaneous Commentary is a Teen Tix special event hosted by the Teen Tix Teen Steering Committee and Seattle Repertory Theatre. seattlecenter.com/teentix

Note: Speech & Debate is recommended for ages 14 and above for mild profanity, teens engaged in discussions of sex, drinking and drug abuse.

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