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Review of Erin Jorgensen/Steve Fisk: Redemption at On the Boards by Anna M.

Photo by Basil Harris

Seeing Erin Jorgensen and Steve Fisk’s performance, Redemption, showing at On the Boards was an incredible experience. I left the theater unsure of what I had just witnessed, but nonetheless blown away. I’ve been procrastinating writing this review because I have been unable, after a weekend of thought, to classify Erin Jorgensen’s awesome performance clearly and succinctly. Was it a concert? No. Play? No. Theatrical? Maybe… For the purposes of this review, I will call it a quasi-musical, quasi-theatrical, experiential and thought provoking performance.

The show surrounds Erin Jorgensen’s several songs, featuring voice, piano and marimba, as well as the electronic effects of producer Steve Fisk. As a singer, her voice is incredible. As someone who has been involved with a marimba group before, I was excited to see the instrument getting some attention. The sounds created by her voice, the instruments and the electronic addition were simply incredible and reverberated through the small and intimate On the Boards theater. The combination of the music and her monologues created an all-around surreal performance.

Photo by Basil Harris

During the first quarter of the show, I was trying in vain to analyze what all of the songs meant and what emotions the performance was intended to evoke. I had my pen out and my notes ready. But sometime near the beginning, Ms. Jorgensen said something along the lines of “I know your problem. You’re thinking too hard. Don’t you know that all real truth is rooted in the senses?” That was the last note I took, and would be my advice for those looking to see this performance. Any attempt to make this performance perfectly logical, will be inevitably futile. My advice is go into the theater, and experience the incredible and unique sounds paired with the aesthetic created by the lights, set, marimbas, and Jorgensen herself.

Redemption is closed but you can hear Erin's music and buy her album at
Plus! We've got videos of Erin playing on the Teen Tix YouTube page

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